We are on a mission to elevate one billion women by inspiring her to discover and live her true potential.

The story of Invincible-Woman

For centuries, strong women have been overcoming biases and power-struggles. Some of them emerged as charged mavericks, transforming the world for the better, built successful enterprises, solved impossible problems, even flew to space. Yet many more live hidden lives, waiting for that one chance that’ll bring out their true potential.
Invincible-Woman is an ode to the strength inherent in every women. Invincible-Woman was born with an aim to unleash the infinite potential that’s hidden within her. We do this by helping companies create inclusive and gender-balanced leadership teams while empowering the women to maximize her inherent strength, resilience and make her OWN HER STEEL.
Shweta Kumar Founder of Invincible-Woman

The art & science behind what we do

Rooted in self and backed by deep research, our programs and resources open up endless levels of transformation. Be it for independent woman leaders or teams within an organisation.



We start by enabling them to discover and face the hidden beliefs that are in the way of where she wants to be.



Moving them from within, we help them uncover their hidden potential and realise the areas for transformation.



We guide the women to bring out their true potential by helping them establish their presence, express their selves.



As the road to transformation starts from within, there’s no turning back. The synergetic growth is driven by them.

  • Meet The Team

    Shweta Kumar
    Founder & Chief Facilitator

    Shweta has more than 25 years of experience, she is very passionate about woman leadership development and this is her passion and life purpose. She has worked with clients and companies in India, Africa, Middle East, Latin America in the areas of organizational transformation, team capability enhancement, leadership development and culture change. She is passionate about the process of transformation at an individual, team and organizational level and specializes in helping leadership teams in the areas of creating desired mindset shifts. She has designed and co-facilitated the Advanced Women’s Leadership Development Program (delivered in collaboration with University of Chicago) as well as customized Women’s Leadership Development programs for organizations. She has authored multiple research and theses in the area of Women’s Leadership; notably: Iridescent (an OD Alternatives published research paper on women’s leadership – a global perspective) | Psychological Violence at the Workplace - Impact on Early Career Women - INSEAD.

  • Meet The Team

    Anindita Zadoo
    Senior Lead & Facilitator

    Anindita is a lifelong learner who believes in the power of behavioural transformation through continuous learning. The world is ever changing and so are the requirements and expectations of professionals. She believes that the self-motivated pursuit of knowledge is what keeps the world running. She aims to be a catalyst in the journeys of various professionals trying to reach their full potential.

    As a L&D professional, she has designed and executed learning programs with the aim of creating shifts in mindsets. She has thoroughly enjoyed creating and curating content in order to provide engaging learning experiences.

    She loves reading, writing, binge watching web series and spending time with her dog.

    As a psychology graduate, she is passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy.

  • Meet The Team

    Oliviya S
    Brand Manager

    Oliviya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and is motivated by a desire to better understand human behaviour and how this knowledge can be used to effect change at work and in society as a whole. She aspires to be a conduit for the aspirational selves of the people and organizations with whom she collaborates and is deeply passionate about motivating young adults who have just joined the working population.

    She loves singing, reading, and decorating her home and can be seen working on creating beautiful floral arrangements often.

  • Meet The Team

    Mary Smitha Jacob

    With a post-graduate degree in MSc Applied Electronics, Mary holds expertise in technical domain and logistics, coupled with an industry experience of 8 years in MNCs including Hewlett Packard Pvt Ltd. in a technical support role.

    She is passionate and explores novel methods and office administrative practices to enhance her role-play to ensure, Invincible-Woman delivers its best to the stakeholders.

  • Meet The Team

    Prerna G. Chatterjee
    Senior Coach
    State Vice President Maharashtra Anti Sexual Harassment Council, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)

    In a career spanning 18+ years, Prerna has worked in multiple sectors including advertising, outdoor education and development sector. She has been working as a POSH Consultant and Advisor since 2015. Her work includes strengthening organisations existing policy on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace in compliance with the law; help create a gender-neutral POSH policy; support organisations to comply with POSH requirements as mandated by the Act; provide support in setting up of Internal Committee; and conduct training for Internal Committee members as well as employee awareness sessions with a focus on implications on POSH in the new normal. Currently, she is also the Vice President of Maharashtra Anti Sexual Harassment Council, WICCI (Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). She is one of the mentors for MDIP (My Daughter is Precious) in partnership with GLOW (Growing Leadership of Women). In the past, she was a part of many qualitative research studies, which were largely centred on elementary education with special focus on gender and equity related issues.

  • Meet The Team

    Moutushi Sengupta
    Senior Coach

    With over 25 years of leadership experience in the development sector, Moutushi Sengupta brings in a deep understanding of strategies and tactics that institutions deploy in achieving their goal. She has worked with several leaders from the non-profit space to develop organizational pathways for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. As an executive coach, she engages her clients to define, test and evaluate their thinking and actions by making available a safe environment for honest and authentic conversations. She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Associate Certified Coach. Moutushi has been a senior leader in three large philanthropy institutions in India. In DFID India, Moutushi managed the development and execution of state and thematic strategies. As the Program and Advocacy lead for Oxfam India, she was deeply involved in delivering the institution’s program strategy. Most recently, as the head of John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation in India, Moutushi led on the execution of its climate solutions initiative in the country. Also, she maintained oversight on the implementation of the legacy phases of the Foundation’s reproductive health program and the secondary education program in India. She is part of the Managing Committee of the Delhi Management Association and the Advisory Board for Arthan Foundation.

  • Meet The Team

    Avik Chatterjee
    Principal Facilitator

    Avik has a total work experience of 21 years and he is a high-energy facilitator and an OD specialist with expertise in Coaching, Personality Type Theories, Top team Alignment, Cultural Transformation, and Energizing an Entire System for Exponential Growth. His background in Theatre adds a powerful impact to his facilitation style and creates a dynamic learning environment. He has also been a keynote and motivational speaker at conferences and events and has been invited to speak at Tedx twice. Before becoming a full-time OD consultant, he worked in Sales with Oberois, Mercedes Benz, and as Head of Editorial Sales (India) for a picture stock agency which represented Corbis. He has worked with CEO’s and the C-Suite to align them on ways of working and problem solving team issues all over the world. He is a trained Executive Coach from Coach for Life and certified OD practitioner from TISS. In his free time you will find him teaching at Management colleges like IMT Hyderabad, Vedica Scholars for Women, where he is a faculty, or exploring cities and their cuisine all over the world

  • Meet The Team

    Aubrey Nazareth
    Principal Coach

    Aubrey Nazareth is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation, Master Certified Leadership Coach (ACTP – from Coach for Life, USA), and has a Masters in Integral Counselling Psychology under the dictum of IFCU Paris (MPh - ICP). He is also an OD consultant and facilitator. As a trained psychologist and OD Consultant Aubrey loves to integrates his deep understanding of human development, and requirements for personal mastery with leadership, business requirements and key psychological drivers of results. This helps bring out the best in leaders to benefit themselves, their organization and the world. He has been coaching senior leaders in organizations across various industries for the last twelve years and helped them perform at their best and accelerate their careers. Individuals become energized (or re-energized) about their work, take full ownership of their performance and their career, find and rejuvenate long-lost talents and make major shifts in their contribution levels. Aubrey calls himself a Leadership Wholeness Coach. As a trained psychologist, in his coaching methodology he integrates his expertise in Personality Theories, NLP, Depth Psychology, and Psychosynthesis techniques to help leaders be true to what is highest in themselves and be their best for their organization and the world. To measure the effectiveness of coaching, along with his clients he co-creates with his coachee a feedback and review mechanism that brings a high level of accountability.

“Behind every successful woman, is herself.”

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