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  • "Interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve aspects of Self that are often overlooked. Helps a lot to understand where I am and what all areas I need to work on. This was a wonderful learning experience with a lot of takeaways.”

    Uma Anand,
    Deputy General Manager, Divisional Corporate (HR), L&T Construction

  • "Shweta is exceptionally well read and knows in depth about the subject – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – which are often misunderstood terms. She brought out the “fault lines” hiding deep within instead of skimming on just the surface. This is the only tailored women’s leadership program where I genuinely felt it did complete justice to the objectives set forth."

    Bhavani Mohan,
    Senior Principal Architect, L&T Contruction

  • “When I came across the post regarding the "Emerging Women Leaders Program" on LinkedIn, I was curious to know more. The program is designed to make you pause, reflect and lead you on a path of self-discovery. Sessions are intense and you learn to embrace discomfort along with other women leaders from diverse backgrounds."

    Aishwarya Ramesh,
    HR Leader(15 years of experience), ex Nestle, HSBC

  • "Emerging Women Leader's program is a highly engaging, high quality and well-developed course for women leaders. It was an amazing experience to connect with all those inspiring women in the group. There was a balance between theory, practice, and networking. I would highly recommend this to every aspiring woman leader out there!"

    Sneha Gaikwad,
    Assistant Manager-HR, Grant Medical Foundations's (Ruby Hall Clinic)

  • "The Emerging Leaders programme helped me to build the courage to see myself from within. The one thing that stood out for me was how the facilitator conducted intense sessions with such ease, I saw myself venturing into deep conversations with a breeze. Combined with impeccable content, I recommend the programme to one and all. I would also like to add here, that commitment is a crucial virtue to benefit from the experience."

    Alekhya Gampa,
    Skilling Lead, Disprz

  • “It was an amazing experience with highly engaging self-reflection sessions. It’s a unique course designed for aspiring women leaders. Each of the activities helped me to dig deeper and emerge as a better professional.”

    Ragamalika A
    Senior Manager - Legal, L&T Limited

  • “Invincible – Woman Program” as the name indicates, is truly designed to achieve the same. Shweta Kumar is highly efficient in understanding and accepting the varying natures of each individual and thus her messages are conceived by every participant in-line with their requirement and their vision."

    Dayana Rexaline M.R,
    Proposal Head, III SBG, L&T Construction

  • "Shweta Kumar is an excellent coach. Her sessions were eye-openers. She made us believe that 'heroes' are gender neutral and also made us visualise what our own version of a leader would look like."

    Archana Venugopal,
    Project Manager, L&T Construction

  • SG

    “This program emboldens your leadership skills and helps you channelize your emotions in the most righteous way. Its teachings boost your confidence and help you accentuate your belief system whose locus is none other than You. Shweta always strives to help people understand how they can tread onto the path of betterment and evolve themselves as a Leader. There are multitude of reasons to vouch for this program, one is the session on how to respond to microaggressions, which further helps us deal with a wide spectrum of situations with a tranquil mind.”

    Samriti Girdhar,
    Team Lead, Aristocrat

  • BS

    “Invincible-Woman made me realize that women can achieve everything they desire. The sessions planned were on point and concepts were made relatable by Shweta. The sessions helped me look at things from a different perspective. I am very thankful to the whole Invincible team for developing this program which will continue to help women be more confident and ready to achieve anything they desire”

    Bhawna Sharma,
    Team Lead Technical Artist, Aristocrat

  • SP

    “Invincible-Woman's journey is tailored in a manner that unleashes the hidden leadership potential of all participants. The program fosters an environment where women can experiment with knowledge. It is designed so that every woman’s voice can be heard. The participants of the program were able to gain strength and confidence from the overall experience. The feedback for the program was positive from all corners. Shweta is an inspiring facilitator and is able to bring out the best from each participant. I encourage anyone who is contemplating the effectiveness of the experience to not hesitate. It will be all that you expect and more.”

    Shirshendu Pandey,
    Head of Learning and Organization Development, Aristocrat

  • AV

    “We engaged with Invincible-Woman for designing and delivering Winspire Propel – our program for mid-level women leaders. Shweta took efforts to understand the ecosystem and carefully designed the program uniquely rooted in Neuroscience and reflective work. The participants were able to connect the concepts and learnings to their work and demonstrate the transformation in their mindsets. The program helps each individual to recognize and manage their unique challenges on the path to reaching their true leadership potential. The highlight really is the beautiful experience and the feedback of the participants. I would recommend Invincible-Woman's programs to anyone who truly wishes to see their women leaders break barriers and soar.”

    Avani Vansia,
    Senior Dy General Manager - DEI and Change, L&T

  • SB

    “This program had been an amazing experience, and balanced very well between theory, practicing and networking. I felt like sharing my own leadership story with my peers and getting fresh eyes on my personal challenges, and beliefs, as well as hearing perspectives on problems from other women leaders from different departments facing similar issues, which had been a really powerful way to gain confidence in myself.”

    Shashi Bhalla,
    Senior Product Manager, Aristocrat

  • MK

    “The program has been highly engaging and well-articulated. I appreciate the techniques described to prevail over distinctive challenges faced by women leaders. I was also intrigued by the group sessions which pushed me to explore myself and identify my strengths and insecurities. It was amazing to connect with women leaders in my organization and to be acquainted with their approach. The program aims to better equip women leaders to navigate the challenges and gender biases that hinder female professionals in the workplace. It was an enlightening and empowering experience.”

    Monika Kaul,
    Sr QA Manager, DGS Team, Aristocrat

  • SL

    “There is openness and candor throughout the workshop. Participants were able to appreciate each other's point of view, which yields better results. The sessions gradually triggered the thought process towards diversity & inclusion. The workshop helps to concretely establish an inclusive way of communicating within groups.”

    Senior Leaders
    L&T Hydrocarbon

  • SC

    “Training was Spectacular – When I signed up for this 6-month training course, I assumed that no one would show up for more than four sessions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't want to miss any of the sessions at any cost. Each session was so unique and thoughtfully designed that it was nearly impossible for anyone to miss them. I've learned a lot in the last six months, and I now have a completely different perspective on how I perceive things. Big thank you for this wonderful program, Invincible Woman.”

    Shubha Chandra,
    Principal Quality Engineer, Aristocrat

  • JM

    “I attended the Advanced Women’s Leadership Program for my own growth and development and Shweta was one of the facilitators. Some of the insights and tips were very helpful and certainly helped me to navigate myself at the workplace even more successfully.”

    Juhi Mishra,
    VP - Corporate Human Resources, InterGlobe

  • BG

    “The Emerging Women Leaders Program is more like a journey to know your inner self, to know and become aware of the intrinsic factors that could be a possible hurdle to your growth as a leader. The best part of the Invincible Woman workshop has been that in spite of being a group session format, it was focused on each individual's growth as a person. I would recommend this program for all the women colleagues stuck in the pothole and that are prepared to take action in the right direction”

    Bhakti Gokhale,
    Talent Lead, Amcor

  • AV

    “Having launched our first women’s business resource group chapter in India in May, we were looking for a solid partnership with a credible organization to continue to forge our message for women and allies in building up “Aparajita”. Shweta’s 2-hour webinar, Own Your Steel, was magic. While it focused on women’s leadership, as it should have, we appreciated the folding in of allyship, for “Aparajita” stands on the shoulders of its allies, as much as it is a community for the women of Wipfli-India. Shweta’s 2:2:1 technique of 2 ears, 2 eyes and 1 mouth struck a deep chord with so many folks who joined the webinar – a call to take a pause, lead with curiosity, and seek to understand. Thank you, Shweta!”

    Antara Vinayachandran
    Manager, Talent & Organizational Development

  • BK

    “Shweta helped us to understand concepts as well as see the impact of working through biases, in the way we respond and react. She helped us to develop toolkits to make smarter choices, respond and not react to bias and essentially have a definite strategy to reach the leadership roles we aspired to.”

    Bhargavi Krishnamurthy,
    Finance Director, BD India

  • RS

    “Shweta helped our women leaders to understand the neuroscience of stereotype-threat, the origins of patriarchy and the impact of sometimes being the only woman in the room. She provided tips on how to use networking and increase self-advocacy. The program helped to increase the number of women in our leadership pipeline and towards the long-term strategy of creating a more gender-balanced workforce.”

    Rajiv Sharma,
    CHRO - Aristocrat India

  • M

    "The program has given me a new perspective to overcome my difficulties and challenges and helped me to understand my style of leadership. It was structured in such a way that I was able to connect it with my work and it guided me to nourish my leadership. I truly recommend the program. It is really worth it."

    Team Lead - Aristocrat

  • DR

    “The approach to systemic change through personal development is unique in its depth and potential for transformative learning. The program truly helped me temper the steel within to allow me the strength & tenacity to move forward in life with a lot of confidence, positivity & inspiration”.

    Debosree Roy,
    Snr. Principal Architect, EDRC- Kolkata, MM- SBG - L&T Limited

  • DM

    “It was not like any typical training session with continuous power point presentation. It was more on self understanding and discovering ourselves. Those who had challenges, she guided them to connect their dots. The session gave me an opportunity to travel back to my childhood and invest some time for self."

    Divya Mukundan,
    Assistant General Manager- Finance & Accounting, L&T

  • RP

    "Shweta is an awesome trainer. Compared to all other programs 'Invincible -Women program' stands out as its a combination of technical, physiological, and developmental outlooks. Suitable and logical explanation for each and every activity has been provided which is one of best attribute i felt."

    Remya P,
    Senior Manager- Contracts, L&T

  • NC

    "Initially i thought the sessions would come and go like others but Shweta through her sessions brought back emotions which were hidden deep inside from a very long time. I can clearly see her holding my hand and taking me along with her on the path of success."

    Nandita Chuckerbutty,
    Sr. Manager- Quality, L&T

  • SR

    "Impactful sessions with sharing of practical problems and growth path. The coaching sessions helped to tune ourselves to the right path and ways to grow as leaders."

    Sujatha Renganathan,
    Senior Manager -Quality, ITC

  • SM

    "The Journey with Invincible Team has helped me start in-person to think more carefully about myself with the people I manage and interact with. The way Shweta Kumar as Coach and mentor reminded me of better networking and our emotional move, judgments, and past experiences with our actions are very practical and simple, more so than other techniques that I have experienced so far."

    Senior General Manager, PL Group

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